For over 30 years, Gateway has been a trusted fabricator and supplier of services and industrial products to the Oil and Gas, On-shore and Off-shore Marine, Mining, and Power Generation industries.

A relentless commitment to safety, a genuine passion for innovation and an unsurpassed knowledge of the markets in which we operate has seen Gateway chosen as a partner by almost every major Oil and Gas company and contractor.

Our four divisions, Industrial Product Supplies, Oil and Gas Services, Engineering and Project Management, and the Sewon Vertex Heavy Industries fabrication facility, are able to meet the most demanding sourcing, engineering, procurement and service requirements.

With 18 locations spread over 11 countries and three continents, we bring top quality international production, service and supply procedures, and standards to energy markets across the world. We have an especially strong presence in the Caspian and CIS regions.

Gateway provides expertise, extensive product knowledge, after-sales service and on-time deliveries to even the most remote locations, while Agriculture, Construction and Transport are among the other varied industrial sectors that we serve. Gateway prides itself on the ability to provide clients with the products and services they need, anywhere, any time and in the most cost-efficient way.

We place a huge amount of significance in relationships with both our customers and product manufacturers. To ensure we are providing products of the highest possible quality, we assess the performance of what we supply from manufacturers. It is through our determination to deliver the most cost-effective solutions, place customer needs first, and offer exceptional service and value, that we have become our clients’ first choice supplier.

A trusted partner to the oil and gas, mining and other energy industries for over 30 years, Gateway’s origins were as a trading enterprise in Singapore during the 1980s.

Our first operation in Kazakhstan was launched in 1993, little over a year after the Republic’s declaration of independence in December 1991. Gateway’s initial focus in the country was on the importation and trade of industrial goods. After establishing distribution networks and sales offices in Kazakhstan, we began providing industrial support services to the Oil and Gas industry in 2000. A major breakthrough in Gateway’s history came when we became one of the suppliers of consumables to Kazakhstan’s Karachiganak gas field.

Singapore railway yard 1987

Gateway’s origins began in Singapore as a trading company in the 1980s

In 2002 Gateway opened an office in the port and oil city of Atyrau, from which time we have grown to include operations in 11 countries, with offices located throughout Central Asia as well as Africa, the Middle East, North America and Southeast Asia.

2008, Gateway launches EPM division in Delhi

Having evolved beyond our origins as a simple trading business into additionally providing services, project materials, equipment maintenance and fabrication facilities to the energy and other industries, in 2008 we restructured into three business units. Gateway’s activities were divided between our Industrial Product Supplies (IPS), Oil and Gas Services (OGS), and Engineering and Project Management (EPM) divisions. With IPS continuing Gateway’s traditional trading activities, the company hired large numbers of experienced staff to provide services and maintenance for the Oil and Gas industries, while an engineering company was purchased in Dehli, India and incorporated into the EPM division.

The following year we expanded further with the creation of a new fabrication division following the acquisition of the Aktau-based operation, Sewon Vertex Heavy Industry.

Gateway’s history at a glance:

1980s Gateway’s began its existence as a trading enterprise in Singapore

1993- The first Gateway operation in Kazakhstan was launched

2000- Gateway began providing industrial support services to the Oil and Gas industry

We restructured into three separate divisions with activities divided between our Industrial Product Supplies (IPS), Oil and Gas Services (OGS), and Engineering and Project Management (EPM) units

 A new fabrication division was created following the acquisition of Aktau-based operation, Sewon Vertex Heavy Industry